Discover How To Fix Itching & Irritation ‘Down There’
Without The Uncertainty/Hit and Miss or Restricting Foods/Giving Up Sugar
Get Access To Love Our Lady Bits After Menopause: 6 Foundational Fixes for Itching & Irritation ‘Down There’.
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About Me! Who Am I?
Hi I’m Kathie, award-winning vaginal health herbalist, speaker, author of ‘It’s Our Power Portal: Take Control of Our Vaginal Health with Herbal and Holistic Care', founder of the intimate lubricant company Into the Wylde and creator of The Power Portal Plan. I suffered with recurrent thrush from the age of 11 well into my 30s, so know first hand, many times over, what sort of an effect confusing vaginal issues have on our comfort, mental health, sense of self and confidence.

When I qualified as a medical herbalist over a decade ago, I knew that dedicating my practice to learning all I could about the complexities of vaginal health and then specialising in helping those with vaginal health challenges was the only choice I could truly make. And so my journey to formulating this guide began.

Today, I specialise in creating clarity, comfort, change and confidence for those who have passed through the menopause but have confusing vaginal symptoms, and I want you to know that, from my heart, all are very welcome here.
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